Our values, our difference


Creativity is what we're all about. For almost 10 years now, we have been choosing a high number of illustrations drawn by artists and we have been selecting Japanese washi papers different from the ones made by Asian caddie manufacturers.


Our tea caddies are hand-decorated in Calais, in northern France.
We attach importance to quality and handwork, we set great store by know-how and teamwork. We work within our workshop in Calais and also with several early-stage handicraft workers in order to give them the opportunity to perpetuate their manual work with a supplement.


We have always favoured durable over disposable. That's the reason we offer products that will endure our customers over the years without getting damaged, thanks to high-quality materials.
Instead of using teabags, we urge our customers to go to their favourite tea shop with their caddies to get them filled up directly.

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